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Only 12-16 May 2016, Paid version - for FREE!!!

8 Minute Workout is a sport annex based on scientific research and practice of audience by women of all ages who achieved colossal results.

This simple and effective set of exercises was first presented by a leading scientific journal by international organization American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), and later made popular by newspaper NYT.

Do you want to have a slim belly and a beautiful abs, but can never find time to work out? All you need is dedicate 8 minutes a day to these simple exercises and watch your results! This annex contains carefully picked exercises for a complete workout.


- Training regimen with built in stopwatch.

- Demonstration in photos and videos of each exercise.

- Step by step description of proper exercise.

- Training calendar.

- Optimal training schedule.

- Your weight control.

- Gallery of personal achievements.

- Sound accompaniment for workouts.

- Reminder for upcoming training.

- Integrated music player.

- Training timer set ability to pick individual perform and rest timing.

- Ability to share your achievements on Facebook / Instagram.

- Apple Watch support.

All the material is stored inside of this application (no Internet connection required).

All exercises designed specifically for women and are very simple, but extremely effective - you can work on your weight without special equipment and simulators only 8 minutes a day!

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