** Screenshot notifications available from iPhone 6S with 3D touch
** Continue to keep alerts in the notification window

- After running the application, select the desired screenshot and select A-Notice button

- Receive notification when you go to the home screen,

- Preview the screenshot (do not click it, press it more strongly to preview)

- Do not delete the notification window and keep it up to see the new screenshots immediately.

- Continue to keep the created notification so you can see the latest screenshot

- If the snapshot notification has been deleted, select the screenshot notification from the SShot and move to the home to create a new screenshot notification

스샷 연결

- Select two screenshots to connect

- Adjust the connection position of the above and below screenshot 

- Click the Save button to check the results

- Like refresh the table from top to bottom to save or add additional screenshots

SShot Web

- After clicking the share button at the bottom of the safari, enable 'SShot' via the right button.

- Click on the SShot button on the website

- Go to the application and save it to the photo album.

SShot Template

- Select the screenshot and the desired Apple devices

- Use your fingers to move or resize to fit within the device

SShot Widget

- Activate the SShot widget from the Edit menu of the Widget window

- Quick view by more button on the upper right corner

[SShot Download]


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